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In the beginning let there be …

Our goal in starting this blog was to really open up and share with our potential audience the core and origin of our story. Find Me holds significant meaning to each of us and we really want to be able to share our journey with you.

From conception, we knew the kind of story we wanted to tell had many different layers to it. We had a lot of topics that we wanted to touch on and many issues that personally struck a chord that we wanted to dive into. The story ended up being a “mash-up” of emotional complexities and social issues.

When developing our characters in the story, we wanted them to be authentic, and unique. We wanted to avoid any cookie cutter molds that can sometimes show up in film. We really wanted people that were average and flawed, just like ourselves, people that each of us (as well as you guys) could in many ways relate to… or love, hate, pity, or cheer for. Let’s be honest, most of us want to feel more than just warm fuzzies for the characters we see in film. Don’t get us wrong though, our characters are still dynamic as hell.

The social issues that we tackled were not and are not the easiest of subjects to approach on. We didn’t want to be preachy. I mean, nobody wants to be preached at for two hours. It’s a movie, for crying out loud! If you guys want plain facts, you could go watch many stellar documentaries out there, like BULLY, for example. We just love movies so much and are all entertainers. Yes, we did have certain messages that we wanted to relay, but we also wanted to entertain… so why not marry the two? That’s what we did and that is what we hope we’ve achieved!

Our story is one of a group of people that can’t be put in any kind of box. They’re not all straight, or all gay, they’re not all good, or all bad, some are full of love and some are full of resentments and anger. Just like real people! We attempted to look in on a group of friends who have been estranged for many years, and have not dealt with the reasons behind it. We wanted to show what “sweeping it all under the rug” or turning a blind eye to problems or issues that exist, can potentially do to people. I bet if you think about it, many of you may know someone or suspect someone that has maybe tragically lived in secret about their sexuality for many years, but then maybe turns around and tells gay jokes at a party or slanders the gay lifestyle? Or maybe you know someone that was horribly abused and then turns around and becomes an abuser…or a victim, unbeknownst to anyone else why or where it stemmed from. Or maybe you know someone that appears to “have it all”, but really is miserable and empty inside? These are the sort of questions and inquiries we hope to incite in people. Why do people act the way they do? What are they hiding or not facing? And can you heal wounds that have been left opened and unattended for so long, or is it too late …?
As filmmakers, we never felt a responsibility to change the world, as much as we had a passion to initiate conversations and thoughts about it.

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